How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Paper

Time to write a term paper in history? Writing about war is very interesting: you can choose different dimensions to elucidate events of a war that you have studied during the term. Let us contribute to your successful war term paper writing and offer some simple and effective hints.

A war is a very broad topic, and it is impossible to embrace it all within one war term paper. Thus, students need to develop narrow war term paper topics. A good topic is the core of successful war term paper writing. It should:

  • Be interesting for you
  • Be significant
  • Be not too narrow and not too broad
  • Give an opportunity to do a research

Remember that you are not expected to write a Wiki-article about a war where you will just provide facts that everybody knows. In your war term paper, you should be a researcher and do analytical work. There many angles that you can choose for your war term paper. Choose the dimension that will be pleasant for you to work in. Below, we offer you some examples of how a war term paper topic can be formulated:

  • War term paper: topic 1. Analyze the causes of a war and define events that triggered it
  • War term paper: topic 2. Use your imagination and analytical skills: discuss whether it was important to avoid a war. How exactly could it be reached?
  • War term paper: topic 3. Analyze whether belligerents had equal power at the beginning of a war. How did initial readiness to a war influence the final outcome?
  • War term paper: topic 4. Discuss turning points of a war. Which factors influences development of the events?
  • War term paper: topic 5. Analyze strategies, tactics and armaments of belligerents
  • War term paper: topic 6. Try to explain the outcome of a war. What factors turned out to be crucial for it?
  • War term paper: topic 7. Summarize consequences of a war for belligerents